John J. Benedetto

Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland

John J. Benedetto
Department of Mathematics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Office: Room 3104 (Math Building)
Office Phone: Main: 301-405-5175 Alt: 301-405-5161

PhD Students

Student Thesis title Year
1 George Benke Sidon sets and the growth of Lp norms 1971
2 Wan-chen Hsieh Topologies for spectral synthesis of the space of bounded functions 1977
3 Fulvio Ricci Support preserving multiplication of pseudo-measures 1977
4 Ward Evans Beurling's spectral analysis and continuous pseudomeasures 1980
5 W. David Joyner The harmonic analysis of Dirichlet series and the Riemann zeta function 1983
- -- NSF Post Doc IAS 1984
6 Jean-Pierre Gabardo Spectral gaps and uniqueness problems in Fourier analysis 1987
- -- Sloan Dissertation Fellowship 1986
7 David Walnut Weyl-Heisenberg wavelet expansions: existence and stability in weighted spaces 1989
- -- Sloan Dissertation Fellowship 1988
8 Christopher Heil Wiener amalgam spaces in generalized harmonic analysis and wavelet theory 1990
- -- NSF Post Doc MIT 1990
9 Rodney Kerby Correlation function and the Wiener-Wintner theorem in higher dimensions 1990
10 George Yang Applications of Wiener-Tauberian theorem to a filtering problem and convolution equations 1990
11 William Heller Frames of exponentials and applications 1991
12 Joseph Lakey Weighted norm inequalities for the Fourier transform 1991
13 Erica Bernstein Generalized Riesz products and pyramidal schemes 1992
14 Anthony Teolis Discrete signal representation 1993
15 Shidong Li The theory of frames and filter design 1993
16 Sandra Saliani Nonlinear wavelet packets 1993
17 Georg Zimmermann Projective multiresolution analysis and generalized sampling 1994
18 Melissa Lynn Harrison Frames and irregular sampling from a computational perspective 1998
19 Hui-Chuan Wu Multidimensional irregular sampling in terms of frames 1998
20 Manuel T. Leon Minimally supported frequency wavelets 1999
21 Goetz E. Pfander Periodic wavelet transforms and periodicity detection 1999
22 Oliver Mike Treiber Affine data representations and filter banks 1999
23 Sherry Scott Spectral analysis of fractal noise in terms of Wiener's Generalized Harmonic Analysis and wavelet theory 2000
24 Matthew Fickus Finite normalized tight frames and spherical equidistribution 2001
25 Ioannis Konstantinidis The characterization of multiscale generalized Riesz product measures 2001
26 Songkiat Sumetkijakan A fractal set constructed from a class of wavelet sets 2002
27 Anwar A. Saleh A finite dimensional model for the inverse frame operator 2002
28 Jeffrey Sieracki Greedy adaptive discrimination: signal component analysis by simultaneous matching pursuit with application to ECoG signature detection 2002
29 Alex Powell The uncertainty principle in harmonic analysis and Bourgain's theorem 2003
30 Shijun Zheng Besov spaces for the Schrodinger operator with barrier potential 2003
31 Joseph Kolesar Sigma-Delta modulation and correlation criteria for the construction of finite frames arising in communication theory 2004
32 Andrew Kebo Quantum detection and finite frames 2005
33 Juan Romero Generalized multiresolution analysis: construction and measure theoretic characterization 2005
34 Abdelkrim Bourouihiya Beurling weighted spaces, product-convolution operators, and the tensor product of frames 2006
35 Aram Tangboondouangjit Sigma-Delta quantization: Number theoretic aspects of refining quantization error 2006
36 Somantika Datta Wiener's Generalized Harmonic Analysis and waveform design 2007
37 Onur Oktay Frame quantization theory and equiangular tight frames 2007
38 David Widemann Dimensionality reduction for hyperspectral data (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2008
Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellow
39 Emily King Wavelet and Frame Theory: Frame Bound Gaps, Generalized Shearlets, Grassmannian Fusion Frames and p-adic Wavelets (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2009
NIH Postbac IRTA, Humboldt Research Fellow
40 Matthew Hirn Enumeration of Harmonic Frames and Frame Based Dimension Reduction (Kasso Okoudjou, co-advisor) 2009
41 Justin Christopher Flake The multiplicative Zak transform, dimension reduction, and wavelet analysis of LIDAR data (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2010
42 Enrico Au-Yeung Balayage of Fourier transforms and the theory of frames 2011
43 Avner Halevy Extensions of Laplacian Eigenmaps for Manifold Learning (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2011
44 Nathaniel Strawn Geometric structures and optimization on finite frames (Radu Balan, co-advisor) 2011
45 Alfredo Nava-Tudela Image Representation and Compression via Sparse Solutions of Systems of Linear Equations 2012
46 Kevin Duke A Study of the Relationship between Spectrum and Geometry through Fourier Frames and Laplacian Eigenmaps 2012
47 Rongrong Wang Global geometric conditions on sensing matrices for the success of L1 minimization algorithm (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2013
48 Travis Andrews Frame Multiplication Theory for Vector-valued Harmonic Analysis 2014
49 Alex Cloninger Exploiting Data-Dependent Structure for Improving Sensor Acquisition and Integration (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2014
Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellow
50 Tim Doster Harmonic Analysis Inspired Data Fusion for Applications in Remote Sensing (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2014
51 Wei-Hsuan Yu Spherical Two-Distance Sets and Related Topics in Harmonic Analysis (Alexander Barg, co-advisor) 2014
52 James Murphy Anisotropic Harmonic Analysis and Integration of Remotely Sensed Data (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2015
53 Paul Koprowski Finite Frames and Graph Theoretic Uncertainty Principles 2015
54 Gokhan Civan Identification of Operators on Elementary Locally Compact Abelian Groups 2015
55 Matthew Begué Expedition in Data and Harmonic Analysis on Graphs (Kasso Okoudjou, co-advisor) 2016
56 Mark Magsino Constant amplitude zero-autocorrelation sequences and single pixel camera imaging 2018
57 Weilin Li Topics on harmonic analysis, sparse representations, and data analysis (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2018
Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellow
58 Franck Olivier Ndjakou Njeunje Computational Methods in Machine Learning: Transport Model, Haar Wavelet, DNA Classification, and MRI (Wojciech Czaja, co-advisor) 2018
59 Shujie Kang Generalized Frame Potential and Problems Related to SIC-POVMs (Kasso Okoudjou, co-advisor) 2019
60 Kung-Ching Lin Nonlinear Sampling Theory and Efficient Signal Recovery 2019
61 Chenzhi Zhao Applications of Nonharmonic Fourier Analysis and Single Pixel Camera Design 2019
62 Ryan Cinoman Uniqueness for continuous superresolution by means of Choquet theory and geometric measure theory 2020
63 Raymond Schram Topics in Harmonic Analysis: The HRT Conjecture and Sigma Delta Quantization 2020

MA students

Student Thesis title Year
1 Joanne Costello Integration theory 1969
2 Pamela Rowe The uncertainty principle 1980
3 David Kirk The ambiguity function and the Wigner Distribution 1984
4 John Montroll AM and FM 1984
5 Lonnie Carey Maximum entropy and the moment problem 1985
6 Rong-Song Jih Some characteristics of R-synthesizable closed subalgebras of l^p 1985
7 David Scott Prolate spheroidal wave functions and the uncertainty principle in signal analysis 1986
8 Rodney Kerby Correlation functions and applications 1988
9 Erica Bernstein Carleson's Theorem 1990
10 Michael Hernandez Disjointness results for some classes of stable stochastic processes (for Christian Houdre') 1992
11 Paul Miller Nonseparable multidimensional filter banks 1993
12 Glenn Easley Frames, sampling, and reconstruction algorithms 1996
13 Goetz Pfander Wavelet detection of periodic behavior in EEG and ECoG data 1998
14 Oliver Treiber Affine frames and shift invariant systems in L^2(R^d) 1998
15 Katharine Feehan Wavelets in finance: Comparative study of nonparametric techniques for fitting the yield curve in the commercial paper market 1999
16 Alfredo Nava-Tudela Signal processing for health monitoring of jet engines 1999
17 Alex Powell Quadrature mirror filters 1999
18 Andrew Kebo Quantum detection and geometrically uniform frames 2004
19 Richard Hallquist The Dieudonne'-Grothendieck theorem 2004
20 Ming Wei Ong Maximum entropy and the extension problem for positive definite distributions 2004
21 Abdelkrim Bourouihiya Multipliers of Beurling algebras 2004
22 Onur Oktay Maximum entropy and the extension problem for positive definite distributions 2005
23 Justin Christopher Flake Factorization of group algebras 2006
24 Leon Escobar MAIT Masters program 2008
25 Kenneth MacDonald Barker Sequences, Theory and Applications 2009
26 Joseph Misiti MAIT Masters program 2010
27 Jae Hyup Hong Fusion frames and applications 2010
28 Wei-Hsuan Yu Minimizing fusion frame potential 2010
29 Kevin Hencke Using a discriminator to improve compressive sensing efficiency 2012
30 Paul Koprowski Uncertainty Principles of the Fourier Transform 2012
31 Benjamin Lauser A multi-dimensional narrow band ambiguity function 2012
32 Tim Doster Non-linear dimension reduction 2012
33 Christian Sykes Wavelet auditory modeling 2013
34 James Murphy Continuous frames and co-orbit spaces 2013
35 Christiana Sabett Finite Frames for MRI computation 2016
36 Sandeep Yaddula The Hilbert transform and applications 2016
37 Raymond Schram Sigma-Delta Quantization 2019



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