Jerome Danciss Newspaper articles on Education

Washington Post

"When It Comes To Math, Words Count", Outlook, the Washington Post'sSunday opinion and commentary section.September 8, 2002; Page B04 

"Does Math matter in Montgomery",Close to Home Page, (back page of Sunday Outlook), Washington Post,April 29, 2001 

"Masquerading as Algebra",Free For All Page, the Washington Post's Glorified letter-to-the-editor page on Saturday,September 7, 2002

Washington Post PG Extra Section  Forum

1."Math Workshops", Forum,March 17, 1999

2."County schools need reading, writing and reform",April 21, 1999

3."What County Schools Need to Thrive" July 28, 1999

4."State Assessment Only Pretends to Test Algebra", FORUM,PG Extra Section, Washington Post,April 3, 2003; Page PG04

5.Do the Math: Easy Test for Teachers Will Hurt Students, FORUM,PG Extra Section, Washington Post, December 4, 2003; Page PG04

Faculty Voice 

The Newspaper of the Faculty of the University of Maryland in College Park

1."Math War:Traditionalists Versus Reformists", March 2000,

2."Plight of freshman mathematics students may worsen", October 2001,

3."Girls versus boys in the world of SAT", November 2001, 

4."How we use the SAT in admissions sends a message across the state", February, 2002


Viewpoint (op-ed) columns, Prince George's Journal

1.A better way to give scholarships, (Jan 10, 1997).

2.Criteria unsound for justifying educational program, Oct. 27, 1997

3.Teachers must know their subjects,Nov. 17, 1997

4.Test Teachers, Too, Jan. 29, 1998.

5."Impoverished school can excel",March 19, 1998

6. "Revise memorandum to reflect [school system superintendent] Clark's new stance",May 5, 1998

7."[School] Board must accept more responsibility",July 10, 1998

8."Quality of educational programs in eye of beholder",July20, 1998

9."Memorandum's accountability measures lacking",Aug. 4, 1998

10."School Board must get back to basics",Aug. 14, 1998.

11. "State math test dumbs down curriculum",July 3, 2001


The Maryland Federation Teacher

The newspaper of the Maryland Federation of Teachers

1.Mathematics education: in need of reform, (written with Judy Neri) Feb.1988, Pages 6-7.

2.Black students outscore white students in calculus at U.C. Berkeley, May 1988Page 3

Half of this article was quoted by Al Shanker in his weekly advertisement on page 7 of "The Week in Review" section of the New York Times, August 14, 1988.Also, parts were quoted in the Washington Post, (March 7, 1989), B3 (last column).



Diamondback,  The Univ. of MD student Newspaper 

High school algebra test not right for students, June 28, 2001