Other Educational Articles

1.Group learning helps minority students excel at university, Cooperative Learning 12 (Oct. 1991) 26-27.

An earlier version appeared in The Maryland FederationTeacher (May 1988). 

Expanded to "Alternate learning environment helps minority students excel in calculus at U.C. Berkeley" (1990).

2.Toward a lean and lively calculus course - with small group discovery work and more emphasis on understanding, Undergraduate Mathematics Education (UME) Trends, May 1995, pages 11 and 15.

3.A guided small group discovery method Undergraduate Mathematics Education (UME) Trends, July 1995, pages 6 and 7.

  An abridged version, entitled "Group work for math classes", appeared in Resources in Cooperative Learning, Harlan Rimmerman, editor, Kagan Cooperative Learning (1996)pages 65 and 66.

4. "The Texas Method and the Small Group Discovery Method", written with Neil Davidson in 1970 but printed 1999, by the Legacy of R. L. Moore Project at the Center for Amer. History, Univ. of Texas, Austin.

5.Middle school math teaching and how it harms our children, The cover article of the Humanistic Mathematics Network Journal, #20, (1999).

6.Changing the Subject -- or would you hire a good clarinet teacher to teach your child the violin?, A featured article in the Humanistic Mathematics Network Journal, #20, (1999).

7.Student modeling of physical phenomena as they derive standard integral formulae [in calculus class]: One way to reduce proof phobias,Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies (PRIMUS),Vol. XI (2001) Pages 124-146.