RIT: Analysis of Complex Networks


Fall 2016


       Maria Cameron, MATH 4105, cameron@math.umd.edu

      Kasso Okoudjou, MATH 2111, kasso@math.umd.edu


             Fridays, 2:00 - 3:00 PM

             MATH 1311

The organizational meeting:

           Friday, Sept. 9

Synopsis: The contemporary development of communications, information technologies and powerful computing resources has made networks a popular tool for data organization, representation and interpretation.  Networks arising nowadays in various spheres of science and technology are often tremendously larger and more complex than the ones studied in the classic graph theory. Furthermore, they are often dynamic rather than static. We will consider a number of problems where complex networks can be used as a modeling tool and explore various approaches for their analysis.


Sept. 9: Organizational meeting

Sept. 23: Maria Cameron (UMCP Math): 

Modeling Aggregation Processes of Interacting Particles by means of Stochastic Networks


Oct. 7: Maria Cameron (UMCP, Math): Mutation analysis of a budding yeast regulatory network


Nov. 18: Kasso Okoudjou (UMCP, Math): Graph Sparsification

Dec. 2: Matt Yancey (Institute for Defense Analyses / Center for Computing Sciences (IDA/CCS)), Hyperbolicity and Congestion


Dec. 9: (1 PM) Kasso Okoudjou (UMCP, Math): Graph Sparsification (cont’d)


Spring 2016 Schedule

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