RIT Spring 2012

Aspects of Statistical Mechanics with Applications

Meetings: Mondays, 4-5 PM

Room: MATH 1308


Maria Cameron (Dept. of  Mathematics, cameron@math.umd.edu) 

Ted Einstein (Dept. of Physics, einstein@umd.edu)                      

Dionisios Margetis (Dept. of Mathematics, dio@math.umd.edu)   

Paul Patrone (Dept. of Physics, ppatrone@umd.edu)

Credit:  MATH689, Section: 0802 (Cameron). To register, please receive a permission stamp from Celeste Regalado, 1108 Math, celeste@math.umd.edu

Students may participate without signing up. Students who sign up for credit (1 credit) are expected to attend regularly, pick one topic and develop it into a book report or a seminar presentation by the end of the semester.

Scope and Research Focus: 

Stochastic dynamics governs a broad range of physical phenomena that occur on small length and time scales under the influence of small thermal noise. Chemical reactions, conformal changes in biomolecules, magnetization switches, and nucleation events in first-order phase transitions are examples of thermally activated processes. Furthermore, stochastic models have been applied to such areas as evolutionary biology, theoretical ecology, computer networks, and pricing of financial securities.

The goal of this RIT is to explore various problems that are modeled using stochastic differential equations (SDE's) or methods of statistical mechanics. 


Jan. 30: Organizational meeting

Feb. 6:  Victor Yakovenko, UMCP, Physics, "Statistical Mechanics of Money, Income, Debt, and Energy Consumption".   AbstractRoom: MATH 3206

Feb. 13: Xuwen Chen, UMCP, Math, "On Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensation''.  Abstract

Fed. 20: Mark Freidlin, UMCP, Math,  "Interface Motion in Reaction-Diffusion Equations". Abstract 

Fed. 27:  Maria Cameron, UMCP, Math,  "Computational methods for the study of rare events". Abstract

March 5: David Levermore, UMCP, Math, "Model Reduction by Projection". Abstract

March 12: Ryan Barnett, UMCP, Physics, "Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates." Abstract

March 26: Davit Potoyan, UMCP, IPST, "Computational techniques for extracting conformational free energies of bio-macromolecules from all atom simulations." Abstract

April 2: Victor Galitski, UMCP, Physics, "Dual approach to time-dependent quantum mechanics and topological quantum dynamical systems."

April 9: Garegin Papoian, UMCP, IPST, "Theory of Active Transport in Filopodia and Stereocilia"Abstract

April 16: Paul Patrone, UMCP, Physics,  "Modeling line-edge roughness in lamellar block copolymer systems"Abstract

April 23: P.-E. Jabin, UMCP, Math, "Mean Field Games"

April 30: Dionisios Margetis, UMCP, Math, "The Zwanzig-Mori and the Ford-Kac-Mazur approaches".          CANCELED

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