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AMSC 663.664/ MATH 663.664: Projects of the Academic Year 2011-2012

P1 Modeling Local and Advective Diffusion of Fuel Vapors to Understand Aqueous Foams in Fire Fighting, Andrew Brandon
P2 Automated Parameter Selection Tool for Solution to Ill-Posed Problems , Brianna Cash
P3 Lagrangian Data Assimilation and Manifold Detection for a Point-Vortex Model , David Darmon
P4 Solving the steady state diffusion equation with uncertainty , Virginia Forstall
P5 Reducing Genome Assembly Complexity wit Optical Maps , Lee Mendelowitz
P6 Analyzing Task Driven Learning Algorithms , Mike Pekala
P7 An improved method and software for analyzing metagenomic data , Joseph Paulson
P8 Using Genetic Algorithm to solve the Minimum Labeling Spanning Tree Problem , Oliver Rourke
P9 A Text-Independent Speaker Recognition System , Catie Schwartz
P10 Determining Error Biases in Second-Generation DNA Sequencing Data , Neza Vodopivec
P11 Upgrade of the GSP Gyrokinetic Code , George Wilkie