Fall 2015: AMSC 663/MATH 663 Advanced Scientific Computation (I)


Radu Balan
  • Email: rvbalan at
  • Office: MATH (Math building) 2308 ; Phone: 301 405 5492
  • Office: CSCAMM (CSIC building) 4131 ; Phone: 301 405 1217
Howard Elman
  • Email: elman at
  • Office: AV Williams Building 3125 ; Phone 301 405 2694

Lectures: 9.30am-10.45am on Tue., Thr., in CSIC 4122.

Description: AMSC 663/CMSC 663 is a project course intended for AMSC graduate students as a core requirement for their PhD degree.


  • Project Proposal: By the end of the first month each student must find a faculty advisor and identify a suitable project that includes a deliverable suite of software that is designed to carry out a computational task, propose appropriate algorithms, languages, and platforms for the development of this software, write a short proposal also includes a scientific justification, and present the proposal orally. The oral presentation should last no more than 30 minutes including questions and dicussions. The project proposal document should contain items presented in this document.
  • Project Progress Report: At the end of semester, each student must give a written and oral report on the state of his or her project, explain how the software has been developed and tested, give his or her current vision of the finished product, and detail how that vision has evolved over the course of the project.